saymon gomez

techno producer


Francisco Simón Gómez García, (artist name - Saymon Gomez) was  born in the town of Ojén in Málaga, Spain. He began his career in the world of music as a DJ in 1992, starting out at  the local nightclubs, then a few years later, he dedicated himself to play in discos on the Costa del Sol, hotels, private parties, fairs, New Year's Eve events  and more.

His musical set is characterized by not being closed to any musical style, although his musical style tends more towards Tech House and Techno. Thanks to his versatility, he could have worked on a radio program with a musical style so different from his trend, such as Funky House and House, all this time he has continued working to improving and growing more in this exciting world of music.

It is because of that, in 2017, he became a music producer, continuing his studies with different mentors to continue growing more and more as a music producer. One of his last mentors was  Soma, and now currently he is dedicated to offering his services to different artists and national producers, of different genres, so that their productions sound better and more professional. As an expert in mixing and mastering, he has worked with different artists, in addition to being signed by several record companies.

Some of his works are being supported by high profile artists such as  Richie Hawtin, Cristian Varela, Ruslan Cross , Gary Cannavo, cyberx, Antonio Grassia, Mirko Antico.

After more than 30 years of dedication to music, Saymon Gomez continues working to being a better dj and music producer every day.

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