Ms. Jamie Acid

Techno producer

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    Jamie Acid

    To understand who Jamie Acid is, one must know first of her former self, DJ/producer, Jack Acid.

    As Jack Acid, through the 90s she cut a name for herself as a touring soundsystem DJ. So legendary in the underground, that her exploits had to be documented in Graham St. John's book – Technomad: Global Raving Countercultures (published by Equinox): "One of the first genuinely U.S. soundsystems was Pirate Audio, founded in Oklahoma by Jack Acid in 1991."

    A member of an elite music family that includes Liquid Sky Berlin, Spiral Tribe Soundsystem, Not Breathing, and cofounder of Pirate Audio Sound System and the Spiral Tribe live act 69db, her sound could only be described as heavy, hard, dark acid techno that often blurred the lines between industrial and techno. As a recording artist, Jack produced tracks for classic industrial and acid labels such as Dr. Walker's Djungle Fever, Martkin Atkins's Invisible, the Spiral Tribe label Network 23, Neurotrope, Old Skull, and more. She released tracks on the same labels as prolific artists Dr. Walker, Joey Beltram, Adam X, Air Liquide, Psychic TV, and Unit Mobius, amongst other legends. Jack Acid was a pioneer in travelling sound culture, a maverick renegade....

    Underneath, however, Jack was someone else. Something more, someone more. Trapped inside was Jamie. Not a mad man, but instead a beautiful woman waiting to emerge. In 2015 Jamie took off the mask and publicly announced that she was transgender and began her transition from male to female. Jack Acid was dead. For the last 6 years, Jamie has been focusing on self-discovery, self-expression and self-love. Jamie's post-transition activities have included DJing local residencies at Oklahoma City’s LGBT clubs, The Wreck Room and The Park, numerous Pride events, and recently headlining the three-day music festival, Momentum, in Colorado. Her sound, both as a DJ and producer, has evolved into a more melodic, psychedelic sound that—while still heavy and hard—now comes from a gentler place inside.

    Instead of breaking down walls with aggression and force, she dissolves boundaries with a message of love.


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